Terms & COnditions

Yeah we know this is the boring stuff.. But there's some important things you should know!
Refunds & Cancellations:
Our policy states we do not give refunds for cancellations. We will happily
reschedule your picnic with 72 hours notice, less than 72 hours requires a 25%

Bad Weather:
We monitor the forecast the day of your picnic, if the chance of rain is too
high we will not set out our supplies. Rescheduling due to bad weather is free
of charge. We can also move your picnic indoors or on a covered patio per your request.

Beach Locations:
When choosing a beach location please be aware wind speeds of 15mph & over
do not always allow for us to put out our umbrella and teepee
tent, and can sometimes cause sand to blow onto the table and food. If you
choose to move forward with the beach location during this wind speed we
are not responsible for the outcome of your picnic and will not reschedule
after the picnic is set up.

Parking & Location Entrance Fees:
If you choose a beach or park location with an entrance fee you will be
required to pay that fee for our employee to enter.

A Picnic Affair, LLC is not liable for any possession of alcohol, what you bring to
your picnic is up to your discretion and we are not responsible for any

Please make sure you arrive on time for your event as someone will be
waiting upon your arrival. You get the picnic for a total of 3 hours.
Your booking time starts at the agreed upon time and not at the time you arrive.

Leaving Early:
If you wish to leave earlier than your booking time please contact us 30
minutes prior. Please do not leave until our team arrives to clean up, you are
responsible for our stuff until we arrive.

Damaged/ Lost or Stolen Property:
You will be liable for any damaged or lost property and will have to pay a fee of the
value of the damages.